Privacy Policy

This document explains how Cloudbot uses your personal information and what Cloudbot does to protect it.

Policy Updates

This document may be changed from time to time. Whenever this document is modified we will include the date of the last change so that you may reference changes on an ongoing basis.

Personal Information

Personal information is defined as information that specifically identifies you (i.e. email address, name, phone # etc.). Personal information does not include information we collect as a result of the use of Cloudbot. Information imported into Cloudbot such as contact info belongs to you and will be deleted upon account cancellation. Any information created while using Cloudbot belongs to Cloudbot, Inc and may be stored after account cancellation. All information stored after account deletion will be anonymized. Upon account deletion all phone numbers are released from our servers. Through use of Cloudbot one understands that information regarding the usage of Cloudbot can and will be tracked. When agreeing to use Cloudbot we may ask for access to track your location with your device's GPS device. When requesting this access we will adhere to the guidelines set fourth by the platform the application resides on. Any information that uses your location will be anonymized after account cancellations.

Phone Book Upload Policy

Cloudbot uploads your Address Book only with your explicit permission. You reserve the right to delete this data from our servers at anytime.

Links to other sites

Cloudbot is not responsible for any data collection or information you provide directly to the sites you access by following a link from within Cloudbot and that is not controlled by Cloudbot.

Data Usage

Cloudbot does not sell, lease or rent any of your personal information. The purpose of collecting and using your data is to enhance your experience.

For any information on this policy please contact [email protected].

How do we protect your information?

All information shared with Cloudbot is transferred over a secure connection and stored on secured servers.

Third-party Applications

All of your personal information accessed through 3rd party API's adheres to their terms of service and privacy policies.


Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions regarding this privacy policy.

Last modified: March 5th, 2012